About Us

Jag Media is the student-run media group of the University of South Alabama.

Jag Media unites the University of South Alabama’s student media groups into a collaborative effort to produce the most comprehensive news and entertainment coverage across the USA community. Jag Media partners include Due South magazine, JagTV, 97.1 The Prowl and The Vanguard newspaper. We welcome currently enrolled students in every major to participate. Available positions are posted on the Jag Media website and social media.

The Vanguard is the official digital-only multimedia student newspaper of the University of South Alabama, serving the University’s student, staff, faculty and campus community since 1965. The Vanguard provides a hands-on learning environment and informs the public of campus news and issues. Students work as editors, reporters, advertisers and photographers.

Amelia Rose Zimlich: Vanguard Editor-in-Chief

Email: thevanguard@southalabama.edu

Due South is the lifestyle magazine for the University of South Alabama campus, featuring music, culture, literature, drama and the arts. The magazine is a subsidiary publication of The Vanguard newspaper.

Clorissa Morgan: Due South Editor-in-Chief

    Email: DueSouth@southalabama.edu

JagTV broadcasts on channel 61.1 on the USA cable system available throughout the dorms and common places on campus. JagTV is available free on-demand through the channel’s website.

Freddie Garcia: JagTV General Manager

Email: JagTV@southalabama.edu

97.1 The Prowl is a low-power Variety format station, featuring music and student-produced programming. The Prowl is available on 97.1 FM.

Raymond Wagner: The Prowl Head Producer

Email: theprowl@southalabama.edu

Marketing & Promotions

Social media, event planning, visual marketing, video and copywriting

Jag Sports Now is the sports arm of Jag Media and works with all four media.

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Email: jagmedia@southalabama.edu