Nostalgia on the big screen

By: Alexander Bowler | Contributing Writer |

All photos courtesy of IMDb

Major streaming services have been releasing some VERY nostalgic titles. These titles may include some that are so deep in your memory, that you may have totally forgotten they existed. So, let’s take you back to your childhood and open the floodgates to some classic nostalgia!

*Disclaimer: These are in no particular order from greatest to least.*

  1. Flushed Away

“Flushed Away”! I hardly remembered it existed until I saw the cover of it on none other than the biggest streaming service around, Netflix. This goofy movie, made by the same creators of Wallace and Gromit, is a fun-filled ride following the charming rat Roddy while he explores Ratropolis after being flushed down a toilet. This is a classic adventure story and a lovely movie to watch with family. You can find this movie on Google Play, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Stuart Little

I do not know who has not heard of the small adorable mouse Stuart Little. There is a whole trilogy around this mouse’s human-like existence. It all started when George’s parents went to find him a brother and adopt this oddly well-adjusted mouse. Stuart soon finds an arch nemesis in the family’s cat, Snowball. You can find this classic on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Apple TV.

  1. Robots

Watch and learn as our inventive protagonist Rodney Copperbottom takes on his Robot world. In his adventure, he takes on Ratchet, the current head of BigWeld Industries while BigWeld is gone. Ratchet is a tyrant at worst and just plain rude at best. Rodney quickly makes friends with a group of outcasts, “The Rusties”, and decides to take on Ratchet, who stops producing old spare parts in order to force bots to buy expensive upgrades to live. You can watch it for free on YouTube or rent it on Amazon Instant Video, Apple TV, and Google Play.

  1. “The Incredibles”

Have you ever wanted superpowers? What about a family with superpowers? I remember watching Incredibles with my family and just loved the mixture between adventure, action, and comedy. Between the angsty teen, Violet, and the adorable Jack-Jack, the nuclear family provides such an air of relatability, while also presenting a very unusual circumstance. You can currently watch this 2004 movie on Apple TV, Disney+, and Amazon Instant Video. 

  1. Cars

“Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts is such an iconic song of our childhood and the theme of none other than Lightning McQueen. This racing superstar is ready to take on the world but finds himself wrecking the small town of Radiator Springs after a slight detour. While cleaning up his mess, he finds a warm community in this small town and fills a void he once had. McQueen finds there is more to life than winning and brings new friends along his way. Watch this classic on Disney+.

  1. “The Goonies”

“Heyyyy you guyyssss!” Last but not least, The Goonies is such a nostalgic film.  This group of crazy kids was just hanging out when they stumbled upon a treasure map in their attic. Hoping to save their neighborhood from being plowed over by golf course developers, they try to find this treasure that was supposedly hidden deep in a cavern by the legendary pirate, “One-Eyed Willy”. Along their way, they bump into a group of thieves that are after the treasure as well. With the help of their new behemoth of a friend, “Sloth”, the kids risk their lives to find the treasure and save their neighborhood. You can watch this adventure on Apple TV, Google Play Movie, and Amazon Prime Video.