South Takes Bulldogs For A Walk 

By: Colin Bulger | Health and Wellness Editor

Photo By: Michael Dunn | Photographer

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Hancock Whitney Stadium, Jaguar Nation anticipated a great game against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, and they were not disappointed. The now 4-1 Jaguars played with tremendous skill versus the LA Tech Bulldogs, bouncing back from their week three loss against a skilled UCLA team. 

Head Coach Kane Wommack has done a great job embracing the chant, “Pack the Whit.” This slogan aims to build a competitive and high-spirited environment.

“As you build a program, it’s not only what we do on the field,” said Wommack. “It’s the environment that we create as fans, coaches, players, and students and that means having an atmosphere and an environment that feels electric. The best way to do that is to fill the stadium with people that care about South Alabama football.”

It was electric, alright. While South returned the opening kickoff, it was called back due to a block in the back. This did not stop the team or the fans from bringing the energy. The next couple of plays were quick and well-executed. Carter Bradley fired back-to-back 20-yard pass completions downfield, followed by a 20-yard run that brought the Jags into the red zone. The Jags struck first on a five-yard touchdown pass to TE #88. The Whit was feeling the energy. Everyone was cheering loudly and excited to see the Jags score in 2:15 seconds. 

The intensity was brought to all sides of the ball. The kickoff was placed perfectly in the corner of the endzone by #88 Diego Guajardo, the returner made about ten yards out where he was met by a swarm of red. After a two-yard run, the QB was sacked for a loss of two. On a third and ten, the Bulldogs could not convert, which forced a punt. 

Callum Lacy showed off his moves and took the punt back for six. The Jags are on top 14-0 with 11:10 left to play in the first.

After storming down the field a little bit, South’s defense forced a turnover on 4th and 6, where the safety, #8, made an athletic play to deflect the pass in the end zone. 

A few possessions later, the Bulldogs were making another run down the field. After a deep pass downfield from LA Tech, defensive back Yam Banks ran across the field making an interception, this marked the first interception by a South corner this year. South took over and was ready to score again, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

The line came out to play this possession. On the first run, they blocked well and had the line off guard. Strong blocking by the O-line aided a strong four-yard run. After an incompletion, the Jags ran the ball on 3rd and 6 good for a South first down. They couldn’t convert another first down this drive due to penalties but another strong punt left LA Tech with the ball on the four-yard line. 

The Jaguars played yet another incredible game overall and left the stadium with another win under their belt and a final score of 38-14. With great skill from the athletes on the field and unwavering energy from the fans in the stands, Jag football will remain the talk of the town.

Recently, the Jags beat Louisiana Lafayette 20-17. After a bye week, it is now Homecoming Week, and we’ll be playing The University of Louisiana Monroe at Hancock Whitney. Be sure to show out and pack the Whit!