Theatre USA To Hold The First Alabama Production of “The Wolves”

By Brandon Clark | Contributor |

Photo by: Andrew Bryant | Photographer

Beginning from April 14 and continuing until the 22, USA’s Department of Theatre and Dance will be presenting “The Wolves,” originally created by Sarah Delappe, in the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center. Directing the performance is Dr. Lars Tatom, Chair & Associate Professor of Theatre.

In regards to the play and its planning, Dr. Tatom mentioned that production of “The Wolves” had been originally set two years ago, but was postponed because of the COVID pandemic. This year however, the opportunity arose, and the Theatre department decided to put on the Pulitzer Prize-nominated show, its first production in the state of Alabama.

“The Wolves,” as explained by Tatom, looks at the many obstacles a highschool young women’s soccer team faces as well as their great triumphs. 

“Soccer becomes a metaphor, it’s the thing that brings them together; but this play could have nine young women who are in a choir together and could have a lot of the same storyline going through” said Tatom. “.. A really honest and in your face look at where young women are right now and the kind of challenges they go through…”

Along with the director, the success of a project this big comes down to the collaborative efforts of parties such as stage managers and especially actors.

Codi Pevarnik, USA’s stage manager for “The Wolves,” is a vital part of production. I was curious about the role she played and how she prepared for the show behind the scenes.

“As stage manager, a challenge is always being able to have eyes and ears on everything and everyone at all times..” said Pevarnik. “It’s a lot of organization, hands-on and late nights, as I’m typically the first one in and the last one out.” 

As for her preparation process, Pevarnik is a strong believer in learning as you go.

“I believe you are never completely ready with theater,” she said. “It’s just something you have to learn and do through trial and error.”

Lauren Ainsworth or, as she’s known on stage, #00, is a Senior theatre major who plays goalie for The Wolves. Ainsworth explained that she and her team prepared for the show with physical activity by running and practicing at South’s soccer courts and tracks, eventually honing their skills while working with their soccer coach.

“Starting out, each of our characters are just the numbers, so it really is up to the writing to get to understand the character,” said Ainsworth. “I decided on Drew because I knew a really cool girl in highschool whose name was Drew and I just saw her as tough and strong, and that’s sort of how I see #00.”

“The Wolves” is a very promising production and you won’t want to miss it. For more information, visit the Department of Theatre and Dance website here for showtimes and box office prices.