Business Students Divided Over Returning Professor

By Conor Merrick | News Editor |

Photo by: Lauryn Gunn | Photographer

Business students at South are wrestling with the news that Dr. Teresa Weldy, who appeared in a racially insensitive photo, will return to her teaching position.

South students received an email on April 7 informing them Dr. Teresa Weldy was cleared to teach at the Mitchell College of Business after appearing in a racially insensitive photo taken at a Halloween party in 2014. 

However, students at the College of Business are divided on her return. Some feel the school had an obligation to terminate her teaching position at South while others were glad to see her name cleared. 

Sophomore finance major Marina Strom, who is a former student of Dr. Weldy, felt the school made the right decision.

“I had Dr. Weld in my first semester at South and I thought she was a phenomenal teacher,” said Strom. “She really is why I love the MCOB. I very much enjoyed her class…I was sad to see how the scandal went down… but I’m glad to know she is coming back and being given a chance to teach again.”

Junior marketing major Reagan Crew also had Dr. Weldy as a professor and agrees that she should be allowed to teach again. 

“She was my professor for Business 150,” Crew said. “I came to South as a Sociology major and switched…she sat down [with me] and explained how all the classes worked and helped me put my schedule together…She’s a well-known and much-loved professor.”

Sophomore business major Rylee Snyder doesn’t feel any of the faculty members involved should be allowed back.

“I think it’s a disgrace to the South name and I think that it’s not appropriate and I don’t think we should stand for it as students,” Snyder said. “We need to see change in the world and they’re not part of it.”

The university has not released updates on its decision regarding Dr. Alex Sharland and Dean Bob Wood, who also appeared in photos from the Halloween party. Dr. Weldy did not reply to requests for comment by the time of publication.