USA Students Talk About Their Worst Dates

by Lea Malfosky | Contributor

Photo credit: Cottonbro via Pexels

Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day have come and gone and now it is time for the students of South Alabama to reveal their not-so-lucky experiences with love. 

Some students are fortunate to have never been on a terrible date. However, the rest of us have had some so terrible they are etched into their brains better than the test answers they studied so hard to memorize. 

“The worst date I ever had was at the beginning of the pandemic,” said Quan Patterson, a first-year student. “I took this young lady out to a coffee shop. I ordered and she pulled down her face mask and took a sip of my coffee and gave me her opinion of my coffee. I got up and left after that.” 

Sophomore Hayden Matheson, unfortunately, has had a bad dating experience as well.

“My ex-boyfriend broke up with me, and he had mono (mononucleosis) and couldn’t drive himself to the hospital so he had me drive him there,” said Matheson.

Sometimes, the most romantic moments can become the biggest letdowns.

“It was New Years Eve,” Junior Olivia Martin explains, “and this man was my boyfriend. We were planning to go out and do couple-y things. I got into the car and he broke up with me.” 

Bad dates are bound to happen at least once in a person’s life, even if you have been dating someone for a while. Not all hope is lost, however, since Patterson has been kind enough to give the Vanguard some dating tips! 

“Always ride separately on first dates so that the ride home won’t be awkward. If you are the one that suggested the date and it’s going bad, just leave $100 on the table to cover the date and leave.” Patterson suggests. “Date ideas really just depend on the person and the vibe they present.”