Ex-USA Staffer Facing Ethics Charge

By: Amelia Rose Zimlich | Editor In Chief | arz1722@jagmail.southalabama.edu

Prosecutors brought additional charges this week against a former campus media advisor accused of stealing $7,729 from the university.

Heather Leigh Stanley, 44, of Semmes, was arrested Dec. 27 and charged with using her position at USA for personal gain, a violation of the 2020 Alabama Code of Ethics, and booked at the Mobile Metro Jail. She was released on bail that night. The Vanguard attempted to reach Stanley by phone but was unable to make contact before publication.

The ethics charge was added after Stanley was indicted on the original theft charge by a grand jury, according to Assistant District Attorney Clay Rossi, who leads the Mobile County White Collar Division and is a prosecutor in the case.

Stanley was terminated from her staff position at USA in September 2020, a month before she was arrested by the USA Police Department and charged with first-degree theft. Filings from the Mobile County Circuit Court allege Stanley stole $7,729 between March and September 2020. Stanley worked for the university for eight years, where she was an instructor and advised student media for three years. She is set to be arraigned in Mobile County on Jan. 11.