Due South: Volume 11, Issue 1

By: Gracie King | Feature Editor | mhk1724@jagmail.southalabama.edu

Photo by: Michael Dunn | Photographer

Every semester, a team of some of the most creative and intelligent people come together to design a campus lifestyle magazine for students, by students. Due South is that magazine, and they’ve blown us away with their work again in their most recent issue, which launched on Dec. 2. 

This specific issue is the first for Editor-in-Chief, Clorissa Morgan. While Morgan has been an on-staff contributor in prior issues, her work as the EIC this semester proved to be successful. 

“This semester’s issue is all about perspective. In our daily lives, we sometimes forget that there is so much beauty and simplicity around us. It’s easy to forget to appreciate these simple, yet beautiful facets of life when there is still negativity and pain. We wanted to help our readers find that beauty again,” Morgan said of her editorial debut. 

Like always, the magazine features fashion and culture trends, student narratives and some cool information about the city of Mobile. This semester, you can read about keeping low maintenance plants, the “Haunting History” in Mobile and the personal experience of a non-binary student, Rachel Lane. 

As one of the writers for this magazine, I can honestly say the hard work and meticulous planning from each contributor is well worth it when we get to see the finished product. It’s a physical manifestation of something we came together to create. At the end of the semester, we get to take a step back and marvel at the work we’ve done, learn something new and recognize the talent and beauty in our fellow students. 

You can find an online copy of the most recent issue of Due South here. If you want to get involved with Jag Media, visit here