South Alabama To Hold “White Out” Against Louisiana at Lafayette

By: Amelia Rose Zimlich | Managing Editor |

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The first football game of the semester against a Sun Belt Conference team broadcast on ESPN+ calls for a little something special. Enter the White Out.

The University of South Alabama will play against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Hancock Whitney Stadium on Oct. 2, and the Jaguars are calling on all USA fans to wear white to the game in a show of Jag spirit.

“I think the White Out will bring a lot of energy to the stadium,” said Jalen Tolbert, a wide receiver for the Jaguars. “Everyone wearing matching colors creates visual support for the team and we love to see it.”

The White Out was started at Penn State in 2004, according to Nittany Lions Wire. While the White Out has been done at South Alabama football games in the past, this is the first time one will be held at Handcock Whitney Stadium.

“I hope that the White Out theme will extend on the unity that has been established within the University of South Alabama’s students, alumni, faculty, staff, school, and community,” said RaeAnne Nolasco, a South Alabama cheerleader. “In addition, I hope that the White Out will impact the team in a positive way with its use of a 12th man from the crowd to lead our team to victory!”

The weekend is a busy one for the entire South Alabama community. In addition to the White Out game, the Alumni Reunion Weekend begins on Sept. 30, and Jaguar marching honor band weekend takes place on Oct. 2.

“We’ll have lots of high schoolers that will be with us throughout the day and they will be performing with us as well,” said Grant Skinner, drum major for the JMB. “The White Out theme will be cooler the more people that show up, so I’m hoping people will take the time to support!”

To celebrate the Jaguars’ 3-0 record, there is a $3 discount on single-game tickets and students will be able to purchase guest tickets for $10, according to the USA Jaguars website. As the White Out game approaches, the focus is on keeping that record strong.

“We are preparing for the game just by working on ourselves, trying to correct errors and be better than we were the weeks before!” said Tolbert.

Photo: USA Jaguars website