People of South, Featuring Professor George Bovenizer

By: Gracie King  | Feature Editor |

From its humble beginnings as one of the first universities in the south to integrate, the University of South Alabama is now home to one of the most diverse student and faculty populations that you could hope to find. Track stars and professors alike have come from all walks of life to make South the campus it is today.

Professor George Bovenizer, a former E! Network producer, recently moved to Mobile with his wife and four children to settle down and get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, California. Despite him and his family waiting an entire month for their belongings to arrive from California, Bovenizer and his wife, Mimi, already feel right at home after Mobile residents welcomed them with open arms. 

“If you were going to be stranded without stuff, this is the place to be. People, strangers, have shown up at our door with food and things for the kids,” Mimi Bovenizer told WPMI news. 

Though his previous position at the E! Network allowed him many gratifying experiences like eating lunch with Michael Phelps and meeting A-list celebrities on a daily basis, Bovenizer felt ready to guide students in their hopes of chasing the stars. 

“The thing that I’m hoping for the most right now is that I can become a mentor to my new students. I chose to leave the professional TV ranks and join South so I could finally give back. I have had an incredible career that has brought me around the country and world, and the time felt right to bring that part of my career to a close and start a new chapter where I could help young people achieve their goals. So, to summarize, I’m most hopeful for the ability to connect with students and have my experiences resonate so that they will be energized in their career pursuits.”

In addition to joining the ranks of South’s faculty and staff, Bovenizer is also in the midst of finishing his dissertation for his Ph.D. 

“I would say the most influential person in my life right now is Dr. John Keeler. I’m currently in the dissertation phase of my Ph.D. pursuit, and Dr. Keeler has been a steady guide through this process. Not only did I take several of his courses during the classwork phase of my studies at Regent University in Virginia Beach, but he is now the Chair of my dissertation committee. Dr. Keeler has not only been an excellent educator, but he has also been a mentor on my journey to academia.”

We wish him the best of luck on his academic journey. Welcome to South, Professor Bovenizer!