Covid Vaccines Available Through USA Health

By: Kenyan Carter | News Editor

Ready to enjoy the summer free from the stress of Covid-19? The USA Health Center is taking applications for South students to receive the Pfizer strain of the Covid vaccine. 

This strain requires taking two shots at least 21 days apart according to the CDC. The vaccine which was previously available to students with pre-existing conditions and essential workers has expanded to the USA student body at large. 

The Covid-19 vaccine is free through the University with insurance under funding through the CARES Act. Students without insurance can still get the vaccine but may be charged a $20-40 administration fee on their student accounts after the fact, and nothing will be needed to pay upfront.  

Students can sign up to be on the waitlist on the USA Health Vaccination Information Registration Form. The registration form adds you to the waitlist queue but does not automatically set an appointment.  

The USA Health Center has a few guidelines for students registering for the vaccine. The website states that “For USA students, if you are a graduate assistant or student worker, please register using your email address and select ‘Education Worker.’ If you live in campus residence halls or apartments or attend classes on campus, please select ‘Live or work in a congregate setting or group home.’” 

Students should be prepared to experience some side effects after receiving the vaccine. Benjamin Estrada, M.D.,  professor and Vice chair of Pediatrics at the USA College of Medicine, provided an F.A.Q. online for the covid vaccine. On the subject of side effects Estrada explained students could experience, “Pain at the site of injection, headache, fatigue, low-grade fever and muscle aches and pains.”

Dr. Estrada still recommends you wear a mask and continue to practice social distancing after receiving your vaccine.

For more information on the Covid-19 vaccine, visit South Alabama’s Coronavirus Updates page.