Cooking in College: JagTV’s First Cooking Show

By: Hayden Cordova | Managing Editor

Photo credit: Sarah Patterson

One of the everyday challenges that the busy college life brings is finding something to eat.  More often than not, students spend money on takeout or settle for the easiest thing to microwave.  Lucas Green hopes to inspire students to try their hand at cooking as the host of JagTV’s “Cooking in College,” a new show where Green provides students with tutorials on prepping food at home.

An English major, Green works as a Chef de Partie at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL, but says that cooking has been a recent venture for him.

“I got started cooking at around January of 2020,” Green said.  “What got me into it was Hello Fresh.  I got a coupon with my textbooks and joined up since it’s so much cheaper than what it usually costs. When the pandemic hit, my normal summer job got closed down, so I wound up working as a cook.”

Sarah Patterson, the executive producer on the show and general manager of JagTV, stated that she had considered producing a cooking show long before Green’s pitch for the program.

“I’ve wanted to do a cooking show for a long time, ever since I started JagTV,”  Patterson said.  “But it’s just that I can’t cook and film it at the same time, so I never wound up making it until now because we’ve never had anyone to cook for us.”

The show takes on a straightforward and budget conscious approach towards cooking, since Green sees cooking as something everyone can do. 

“Cooking’s one of those essential life skills no matter who you are.  Whether you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a freshman college student, it’s something you need to know how to do.”

Green hopes that his videos will help students looking to get started with cooking not get discouraged by early failures.

“You’re going to burn everything and everything’s going to be wrong,” warned Green.  “People who have ‘talent’ with cooking are people who just picked up on it quickly, because everybody started out burning something.  It’s going to take time, it’s going to take research, and it’s going to take a little bit of what I call ‘food science.’”

Editor and producer on the show Tiffany Smith, along with the rest of the crew, hope that students will send pictures of any of the recipes they’ve made from ones done on the show to JagTV.You can find JagTV content like “Cooking in College” on their website and YouTube channel, as well as on Instagram and Twitter.

Managing Editor Hayden Cordova tries Chef Lucas Green’s Baked Feta Pasta.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Patterson.