W.O.K.E. General Body Meeting

By: Kenyan Carter | News Editor

Student organization W.O.K.E (Wakening Our Knowledge of Ethnicities) held their first general body meeting on Oct. 14 via Zoom. The meeting introduced members, old and new, and discuss topics of living in a diverse community.

The participants of the meeting were from various racial and ethnic backgrounds.  The meeting started with various break-out rooms where members got to know each other in smaller groups.  After the break-out rooms, the group reconvened to participate in and discuss various poll questions.  One poll for example asked, “When you first look at someone, do you see their race or ethnicity?”  Another question posed to members was, “As an individual are you always conscious of your race or ethnicity?”

Lauryn Betti, a business major at South and a member of W.O.K.E,  attended the meeting. Betti says the discussions at Wednesday’s meeting were humble in nature.

“The one thing about all W.O.K.E meetings is that every person who participates comes with a good sense of humility and candor,” Betti said, “Which is something we need more of when we have tough conversations with our neighbors.”

Betti explained that having tough conversations like this can be mutually beneficial.

“The more knowledgeable we are,” Betti said, “about the ethnicities and cultures around us, the more respecting we are of the latter and the better we can negotiate and work toward a better world for future generations.”

For information about the next W.O.K.E meeting follow @woke_usa on Instagram.