Jags 4 Jags

By: Parker Roach | Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, and Thursday, Jan. 6, the Student Government Association hosted the annual Jags 4 Jags event in the rotunda of the Dining Hall. The event allowed students to donate leftover meal swipes from their meal plans to students who struggle with food insecurity.

Food insecurity refers to the inability to provide a stable food source for oneself, normally caused by financial issues. 

SGA Senator of the College of Nursing and Student Affairs Chair Preston White had more details on the event.

“Jags 4 Jags is simply transferring one meal from your current meal plan and sharing it with another student at South who is dealing with food insecurities.” 

There are many students who are unable to afford meal plans and groceries. Through Jags 4 Jags, students were able to build an arsenal of meal swipes that are available to be used by students with food insecurity.

“The event promotes transparency, compassion, and giving,” White claimed. 

President of First Year Council and SGA Freshman-at-Large Leah Kunneth focused on the big picture encouraged by the event.

“The purpose of the event was to encourage South students to help their fellow peers who are experiencing food insecurity,” Kunneth explained. “It highlights the ability of jags supporting other jags.”

Kunneth also provided a message to struggling students:

“If you are experiencing food insecurity or any other difficulties, there are resources on campus to help.” 

Students who are struggling with food insecurity should contact Dr. Michael Mitchell, the Vice President of Student Affairs. Dr. Mitchell has access to the donated meal swipes and will provide them to students that are in need. He is located in the office of Student Affairs.

The Student Government Association is the voice and governing body of the students. All University of South Alabama students are members of SGA and are encouraged to get involved.