Post-Grad Depression

By: Diamond Taylor | Contributing Writer

Upcoming graduates at South this semester may feel the sudden shift in emotions as they prepare to enter the real world which is commonly known as “graduate blues”.

The Black Student Union hosted the panel discussion “Adulting 101” regarding post-graduation mental health on Thursday, Nov. 21. They collaborated with the Counseling and Testing Services on campus and had Nick Borgogna, a representative from Counseling and Testing, come and speak to students. 

According to, “Individuals who are experiencing post-college sadness might notice that they feel sad or disconnected from their previous lifestyle as a college student.”

“For most people, there is some degree of uncertainty. The biggest predictor of post-graduation mental illness is pre-graduation mental illness. Anxiety and depression are the most common,” said Borgogna. 

It’s easy to feel the emotional shift because you’re moving forward to the next phase of life. You may feel unsure and that’s normal, but you can help alleviate some of the uncertainty. 

“You want to have connections, making sure the right internships are there and talking to people who are doing what you want to do to make sure it’s what you want to do,” said Borgogna.

Do not fear, there is help to assist in the transition. provides tips to assist in the transition after graduation and some include: getting organized, fueling your body with healthy things, finding someone to talk to, and making a routine. 

These tips won’t cure the post-graduate blues but it will help in smoothing out your paths and allowing you to take a step back and map out where you want your life to go.