Major Barbara: A Study of Morality

By: Lauren Barksdale | News Editor

The USA Theatre Department is currently in its second week running of the enlightening play by Bernard Shaw entitled Major Barbara. The play debuted on Friday, Nov. 15 and had a full house opening night. 

The play featured Stephanie Connolly as the main character Barbara, who was a salvation army nurse in 1900’s England dealing with the internal struggle of her moralistic religion vs her father’s capitalistic wealth. Her father, played by the Associate Professor and Department Chair for the Theatre department Lars Tatom, was portrayed as a greedy weapons manufacturer who wanted to carry on the tradition of hiring an outsider to carry on the family business rather than the eldest son or daughter in the family. 

Barbara’s mother Lady Britomart, portrayed by the amazing Dori Lumpkin, is a divorcee and the center of morality for the family, causing turmoil within each character but also providing contrast to Barbra’s father’s philosophy with little moralistic values. 

Jessica Miller, a freshman who was a part of the technical cast commented on her journey in this production.

“What I really enjoy about working on the lights is the bonds I’ve made with the crew. This show has a big set, and we’re responsible for setting it up at the beginning of the show. So I might have to carry a table, but someone else is carrying it with me,” stated Miller.

If you missed the opening showings of Major Barbara, make sure to catch the upcoming shows this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center.