Jag Writers Interest Meeting

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

The Jag Writers creative writing group held their first meeting for newcomers and anyone interested in joining on Oct. 30. The student-led group meets bi-weekly on Fridays and is open to all aspiring writers regardless of their major. Jag Writers welcomes writings from a wide variety of genres, including poetry, short fiction and more. 

The group was formed outside of classes as a way for students to communicate and collaborate on their writing and eventually grew in numbers to the point that they went through the process of establishing themselves as an officially recognized South group. 

Bee Baldwin, Vice President of Jag Writers, spoke about how the group looks to foster a community of creative support for its members. 

“There’s always going to be writers and there’s always going to be a community of writers, and there’s always going to be the need to support that community,” said Baldwin. “We want to create a sort of familiar kind of setting for the writers of South Alabama and just be there to support one another.  It’s hard being a writer and we’re here to be those familiar voices and faces.” 

Isabella Jetten, the Jag Writers’ Co-President, discussed what members gain from the input of other writers. 

“I think being able to learn from our friends by seeing the way others do their craft,” said Jetten, “and having that constant dialogue of ‘what’s working and what’s not keeps you from boxing yourself in creatively. Having a diverse group of opinions helps so much.”   

Members of the Jag Writers submit their work to the group before each meeting and discuss one another’s writings through workshops, offering advice, critiques and input.  With future meetings hoping to discuss the writing world through informational resources and guest speakers, Co-President Alicia Myrick holds high hopes for the future of the group.

“I hope we create something really beautiful, something that will stand after we’ve graduated,” said Myrick. “We’re kind of like that big snowball at the top of the hill: we’ve all gathered together and we’re on that little downward roll now.”