South Alabama Women’s Volleyball takes on Troy at home

Photos By: Lauren Barksdale | News Editor

By: Gracie King | Contributing Writer

After coming off of a strong winning weekend against the Georgia Southern Eagles and Georgia State Panthers, the South Alabama Lady Jaguars Women’s Volleyball were looking to dominate on the court yet again against the Troy Lady Trojans. The Lady Jags continued to dominate by winning 3-0 at home against Troy. 

 At the beginning of the first set, the Lady Jags were holding their own well after starting off slow. However, as the team began playing as a more cohesive unit, the shot selections got stronger and the score got tighter. Essentially, the first half of the first set was a stalemate. One team gained a footing just as the other one did. In the latter half of the set, the Lady Trojans began getting flustered, encountering a few technical errors for the team. Playing off of their errors, the Lady Jags gained a strong lead, winning the first set 25-18. 

The second set proved to be a more evenly matched assessment. Both teams were determined and ready to make a statement. The Lady Jags began the lead, showing that they can be a strong starting team. The Trojans quickly caught up, playing off of a few defensive errors made by the Lady Jags. After points were scored based off of their errors, the Jags strengthened their defense, allowing flexibility offensively. It became clear that these girls were quickly taking responsibility for their errors and working tirelessly as a team to fix them. Towards the end of the set, the score stayed tight with a Jag lead. Eventually, they were able to pull of a second win for this set, winning against the Trojans 25-21. 

The first two sets really set the tone for the rest of the match. The Lady Jags were dominating and did not plan on stopping any time soon. They remained cool and confident at the beginning of the set, maintaining a well organized defense. As the Trojans begin to catch up, it became clear that the Lady Jags were not going down without a fight. They began exploiting Trojan errors, looking for gaps in the defense, and physically shutting them down. As the Trojans continued to get more frustrated, the Lady Jags had already begun their match winning celebration. They wrapped up the set 25-20, a clean sweep for the match. 

The Lady Jags will play their next game against the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers this Friday, November 1st.

Congratulations ladies, and Go Jags!