Photo Booth Buttons

By: Keylee Fillingim | Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Team K vendors hosted Photo Booth Buttons for students to get ready for Saturday’s homecoming game against Appalachian State. 

South put on multiple events for students in order to show school spirit for the big game.

SGA invited Team K to South to customize buttons for students to show their Jaguar pride.

Team K has been doing business for four years. Savannah Buchanan, who recently joined Team K, explained that Team K is a vendor that goes to schools and creates merchandise. 

Team K provided buttons for South students to have made, but the company is more than buttons.

“We do different processes every time, right now we are making pens, but we make anything,” said Buchanan.

Students chose a background, such as a  print with “Go Jaguars” written on it, and stood in front of a green-screen to have their photos made. 

Pictures were made into buttons and handed out to students to take them home for decoration or to wear to the homecoming game. 

Students were lining up in order to get their buttons made.

“I’ve only been here since 11 and we have already had like 20 people,” said student-volunteer Megan Kirby.

Junior Brittany Jackson has been a part of Photo Booth Buttons for the past 3 years.  

“This is something I have been a part of since, I have been here at South,” said Jackson, “We make photo buttons for students to show their spirit for homecoming week.”

Jackson shared she likes to get multiple buttons each year.

“I have like 5 from freshman year,” Jackson said.

20-year-old student Kalaya Bounthon noticed Photo Booth Buttons as she was walking around the Student Center in between classes. What captured Bounthon’s eye were the “pretty patterns.”

“It really represents the spirit of homecoming week,” Bounthon shared. 

Bounthon shared she will be wears her buttons to the homecoming games then places it on her backpack to show off around campus.