Spooky Night at the Student Rec Center

By: Rachel Gonzalez | Contributing Writer

Last Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Student Rec Center held a “Spooky Night” event where students and the public took part in traditional Halloween festivities such as pumpkin carving and spooky board games while enjoying popcorn, hot chocolate and apple cider.

“It is an event where people can come out and do something different and fun outside of the traditional activities held at the rec center,” said Stefan Porter, the facility operations coordinator of the rec center.

 The event was a part of South’s “Oktsoberfest” and encouraged both families and students to come out and enjoy time together in celebration of Halloween and fall festivities. In the future, Porter plans on expanding the event to include all members of the USA community in order to make the event bigger and better.

 “Next year we will have the event out on the back deck and have some lights, scary music, and the fog machine to add an overall spooky effect,” he said. “More pumpkins will definitely be beneficial since the supply was pretty low this year.” 

His primary objective is to create a place where people can relax and have fun and escape the stressors of both exams and daily college life, even if it is only a temporary, spooky relief. 

“Stay connected with the rec center because we will be providing more events throughout the year, including the Haunted Trail Ride coming up at the end of October, and an Uno tournament in the near future.” Porter said.