Green Jags Meeting: Climate Change

By: Lauren Barksdale | News Editor

Many people have formed a political opinion surrounding the idea of climate change, but whether or not you believe it’s happening, the science behind the issue doesn’t lie. On Tuesday, Oct. 8, the Green Jags organization, dedicated to promoting sustainability, invited Lella Lowe to give a presentation on climate change. Lowe is a mom and an activist both locally and country-wide for climate change. 

After some opening comments on the council’s upcoming garden days and events, Madeleine Boudreaux, the president, and Diego Calderon-Arrieta, the secretary, let Lowe give her presentation about the reality of climate change. 

The presentation lasted about 45 minutes and covered topics across the board from the data that proves climate change is happening, to the widespread use of solar panels, to how climate change was going to affect us locally in Mobile. Lowe used a very descriptive and informative powerpoint that had data charts from sources like NASA to help get her point across. 

Towards the end of her presentation, Green Jags asked Lowe about what they could do to help impact climate change locally. Her best advice was to write and petition to local lawmakers. 

According to Lowe, “Alabama has a solar tax… if you install solar on your house, you’re taxed for that. It’s higher than any other state in the country which is why you don’t see solar panels in Alabama.” This makes it difficult for our local community of Mobile to convert to clean energy from fossil fuels, which is a primary contributor to climate change.  

The Green Jags organization sponsors many events like guest speakers to help promote awareness and sustainability not only on campus but in our community.