An Open Mic

By: Hayden Cordova | Lifestyle Editor

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, students from all corners of campus came out to enjoy Open Mic Night. Hosted by the music staff of Jaguar Productions, the event allowed students to publicly perform a wide variety of arts ranging from music, singing, dancing, rap, poetry, and monologues.  Students who performed or attended were also entered into a raffle for tickets to the upcoming USA Homecoming Concert featuring the rapper T-Pain on Oct. 24.

Frankie McDonald, one of the performers who took the stage with guitar and song accompaniment, elaborated on his involvement with the event.

“I saw this on the bulletin board of upcoming events in the Humanities Building,” said McDonald.  “I did this last year, and honestly I try to come out and perform publicly at any opportunity the university gives us.  I play guitar mostly, but I like to sing as well, even though I’m not the best or anything because you can have that atmosphere for people to sing along and have a good time.”

Rather than placing emphasis on professional performances, Open Mic Night dedicated itself toward a night of creative freedom for anybody to come and express themselves and their talents.

“I love getting to see all the talent we have here at the university,” said Keira Ross, the Music Chair of Jaguar Productions and organizer of Open Mic Night. “You really don’t know the hidden talents here until you give an opportunity to showcase that, and I really like seeing what students are capable of and passionate about.”

McDonald was very positive about the event and how it serves as a creative outlet for students who may not normally get the chance to perform.

“Being in any type of position where you can rap, read poetry, or any kind of spoken word, there might not by that many outlets to show that and express that,” said McDonald. “I see this as a great opportunity for those that don’t have an outlet for their talents. I’m down for it!”