The No Judgement Zone

By: Jenny Biggs | Contributing Writer

Often, it can be a comfort thing. Sometimes, can be a lazy thing. And other times, it can be  “I was running late and I didn’t have time to put together an outfit” situation. Regardless, the college classroom is a safe place for people to be themselves without judgment. 

In college, you can come to class sporting just about any ensemble, and walk away with a compliment. Compare college life to high school life. Most high school students are still finding out who they are, and try to conform to society’s standards a bit more. It’s different in the sense that you have more freedom in college. Most of the time, that can be a positive thing. When I say “freedom,” I mean that you’re on your own schedule, you can decide whether or not to show up to class and you can pick out your  own outfits. This makes the transition to college a lot easier. 

Morgan Davis, a senior, knows the comfort of a college classroom. “Once, I was running late and came straight to class from my bed! Bed head and all. Nobody cared!” said Davis.

As a fragile Freshman, the college classroom can be a little intimidating. That is until they  are acquainted with the judgement-free environment. Audrey Duren, a soccer player and a senior here, has seen it first hand. “Our soccer practices were 8-10 a.m. and I would have to make it to an 11 a.m. class. That meant I would rush home, shower, then show up to class with wet hair and throw on shorts and a t-shirt. This probably would not fly in the work environment and would be seen as unprofessional,” said Duren.

We live in an age that uses terms like “boujee,” and “clout.” Where people are taught to look nice all the time, and the alternative is being single. However, people are starting to break free from that. And most of those people can be found in the college classroom.

“I had to go to class dressed and ready for bid day, which outside of the sorority world, looks pretty dumb. No one even batted an eye!” says senior, Bethany Reagan a member of AOII.

So, go ahead, come to class in your slippers or in your pajama pants. Someone there will be wishing they had done the same thing.