W.O.K.E. : A Push for Diversity

By: Ebonee Burrell | Editor in Chief

W.O.K.E. welcomed everyone to International Coffee Hour on Aug. 30 to come and listen or talk about different cultural topics while playing games, listening to music and enjoying free coffee or tea.

Wakening Our Knowledge of Ethnicities, W.O.K.E., is designed for educating on what diversity means. Its goal is to educate students on diversity with open discussions on various topics every other month. This will allow meeting people from all walks of life and hearing all about their perspectives. 

Jumoke Sanusi, President of W.O.K.E., has a vision for her school to encourage diversity on an everyday basis. Sanusi is a Biology and Pre-med student from Oxford, Alabama and family originated from Nigeria. She was excited to come to college with a more diverse ratio with all ethnicities and meet people from all over the world. 

“When I came to South Alabama, I did not find the diversity I was seeking,” said Sanusi, “So me and my friends got together and started discussing and realized what we could create could be a representation for all International students at South.” 

With this new organization, all of its leaders have different goals and exciting plans for the future of W.O.K.E. The leader’s determination is to push for diversity throughout their school and build a strong team. 

“The number one thing I’m excited about this semester is connecting with people who feel like South is not just a university, but a home,” said Grace Seyaka, Treasurer of W.O.K.E.

W.O.K.E. is wanting to merge the gap between the numerous organizations on campus. Diversity is a broad topic and can mean a lot of things, and people usually miss that diversity has a lot of ties to student connection.

“The only way you grow is if you put yourself in uncomfortable situations,” said Sanusi,” That is where true growth really is for me. 

W.O.K.E. will host its first general body meeting on Sep. 17 at 6 PM in the USA Dining Hall.  This will allow students to get the opportunity to talk about their different ethnicities and aspects of life.