Women’s Sports Deserve More Applause

By: Nolan Kotila | Contributing Writer


When most people think about sports at the University of South Alabama they think of football, baseball or maybe men’s basketball. What gets glossed over are the sports played by strong young women who are argumentatively more fun to watch at times.

The way female athletes interact with their fans makes the experience of attending a game feel more personal as if you’re apart of the team. Women’s basketball is a prime example of this, the way they come up to fans after games and personally thank them for coming out.

It’s truly inspiring to see the ladies get behind their team and cheer them on like no other sports organization I’ve ever seen. The energy produced by a crowd half the size of a men’s basketball game is sometimes more extravagant than the men’s games. The women’s team wants you to feel included and they truly show what it means to them when they can pack out the Mitchell Center.

The Softball team is another great example of a team that wants the fans to get into the game. During warm-ups, you’ll see some of the team come up to the foul net behind home plate to greet family and friends and thank them for coming out. This makes you feel like you know the team personally and helps you get into the game and cheer on the team.

Volleyball has a tradition before some games where they toss out mini-volleyballs to the fans and after a game, they salute their fans by lining up in front of the crowd and sing the fight song with the fans.

All this, plus the energy the women have in all the sports, helps make the experience of watching them so much better. If you haven’t checked out women’s sports already, you should.